At New York Hemp Oil, we process, formulate, and bottle USDA Certified Organic CBD products for two reasons: Quality & Transparency.

Growing and processing hemp organically is still relatively rare in the cannabis industry, and yet the effect on final product quality cannot be overstated. (And if there’s one thing we’re passionate about, it’s creating high quality products!) In addition, the review process that permits use of the USDA Organic Seal on many of our finished products requires total transparency as a manufacturer and company. Being rigorously vetted by a government agency is another guarantee that we aren’t adding anything extra or unnecessary to our ingredients lists!

How to be Organic—Phase 1: Growing

The commitment to organic production practices is never more important than in the very first phase, growing the plants. Naturally, the fundamentals required for most plants to grow and thrive (good seed genetics, air and water quality, availability of sunlight) are incredibly important. But arguably the most important aspect to growing quality organic hemp, and the one of most concern for organic certification, is the health of the soil.

To become certified organic, crops must be grown in soil that has been free of synthetic chemicals for at least three years. Certified organic farmers must not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, and must keep a list or inventory of every item used in the cultivation process (seeds, tools, organic additives, containers)—among many other process and documenting requirements. It may not sound like much, but on a working farm, being able to reliably track and prove every action you’ve ever taken to treat, till, plant or harvest a given plot of soil is a serious job! And it is this level of transparency and accountability that ensures the finished products have no traces of pesticides, heavy metals, or even unfavorable levels of naturally-occurring substances like sulfur or potassium.

Luckily, when we decided to to start growing our own hemp for making CBD products, it was with the support, knowledge and experience of an incredible staff of organic vegetable farmers, who had already been practicing and perfecting these methods for over ten years. As organic farmers first, we already know that anything we put in to our plants will show up, one way or another, in what we take out of them. That’s why, at New York Hemp Oil, we are meticulous with the organic farming phase of our Certified Organic production process—because we know from experience how important it is to the quality of the final product, be it a turnip or a tincture!

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