About Us

Founded in 2017, New York Hemp Oil (NYHO) is a vertically integrated, USDA Certified Organic hemp company. This means that we perform and oversee every stage of the production process ourselves: From seed to sale—from soil to oil.

We grow, process, and formulate our organic hemp into a growing number of consumer products right here in Cortland, New York.
Meet Our Founders: Karli Miller-Hornick & Allan Gandelman!
Karli and Allan met at a Sustainable Farming Program in 2010. Allan was a passionate organic farmer struggling to deal with the debilitating symptoms of chronic Lyme disease. Karli had dedicated herself to helping small farms thrive and diversify, but was struggling with severe anxiety. After experiencing the incredible restorative and healing potential of CBD firsthand, Karli and Allan set out on a mission to grow hemp and create safe, effective, and affordable remedies for those seeking natural alternatives to supporting their own health.

Beyond launching our hugely successful in-house brand, Head & Heal, New York Hemp Oil is at the forefront of the hemp industry in other ways. Allan, founder and president of the New York Cannabis Growers and Processors Association, continues to be instrumental in helping craft legislation for New York State’s Hemp industry, and has been a major advocate for ethical business in the cannabis space. In addition, through a unique relationship with Cornell University, New York Hemp Oil is at the cutting-edge of hemp research and cannabinoid exploration with several innovative formulations in development.

At our roots, we are vegetable farmers who believe that our natural environment and all of its bounties are what truly sustain each and every one of us. We are a staff of global thinkers focusing our actions through a local lens, paying attention to the role our company can play in the health of our local ecosystems—both environmental and economic. As organic farmers first, we are aware of how profoundly both of these systems interact to affect the future of our business and our planet. That’s why our farm is Certified Organic, our employees are paid living wages, our products are ethically sourced and ethically priced, and our values are​ quality and transparency at every stage of the business.

Come and work with us!


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