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Concentration: 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, or 2400mg CBD per bottle
*Available for purchase in bulk quantities

CBG TINCTURES – Now Available!

Concentration: 600mg CBG per bottle

CBN TINCTURES – Now Available!  

Concentration: 600mg total cannabinoids per bottle (300mg CBN : 300mg CBD)

All tincture products are packaged in 1 fl oz. amber glass bottles with 1 mL graduated glass droppers. Sealed with shrink wrap.

CBD Softgels

Concentration: 20mg per softgel

Size: 30-ct. or 60-ct. bottles

Packaging: Amber glass bottle, black phenolic top, silica packet

*Available for purchase in bulk quantities

CBD Lotion

Varieties: Unscented or Lavender Scented

Concentration: 1000mg (300mg/fl oz.)

Size: 3.5 fl oz.

Packaging: Amber glass bottle (3.5 fl oz.), black plastic pump top


CBD Balms

Varieties: Unscented Beeswax, Lavender Arnica, or Birch Bark

Concentration: 150mg & 500mg (1000mg CBD per oz.)

Size: Small (0.19 oz.) & Large (0.63 oz.)

Packaging: Food grade white plastic tube & cap

CBD Pet Treats

Varieties: Bacon Cheddar or Peanut Butter Flavored

Concentration: 5mg per treat (150mg CBD per bag)

Size: 30-count package

Packaging:  Brown, aluminum-laminated gusset stand-up zipper pouches with hang holes

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Our minimum order quantities start at 12 units per SKU.
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Once your labels are finalized and printed, our lead time is about 1 week until you receive your product!

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Please send us an email with your interest in a sample and we would love to speak with you about it! We can be reached at: sales@newyorkhempoil.com.

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